John Crane offers a comprehensive range of engineered mechanical seals and sealing support systems, mechanical packing, power transmission couplings and centralized lubrication systems under the brand names John Crane, Sealol, Safematic, Flexibox, Metastream, Powerstream, and Lemco.

These products are sold widely into rotating equipment applications in Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Food & Beverage, Bio-Energy, Mining & Minerals, Transportation, Industrial, Water & Wastewater and others.

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3710 Split O-Ring Split Seal

The Type 3710 Cartridge Split Seal is the latest innovation in the evolution of split seal designs. It utilizes John Crane’s advanced split seal technology to meet today’s environmental guidelines and future regulations. Its unique, easy-to-install design readily adapts to horizontal and vertical pumps, mixers, and agitators. The Type 3710 is ideal for applications where reliability and minimal downtime are essential.

The Type 3710 eliminates the need to dismantle any piece of equipment, large or small. Its fully split design can be installed in less than 30 minutes, either on the packing sleeve or directly to the shaft.

37FS & 37FSB Elastomer Bellows Split Seal

Type 37FS & 37FSB Seals are fully split seals, which allow for reduced maintenance on large, difficult to seal equipment. The seal is outside mounted and used to solve equipment axial runout and vibration problems.

No springs or O-rings mean no clogging. Non-pusher, elastomer bellows design renders extreme flexibility without hang-up. 37FS & 37FSB eals are repairable easily and quickly on-site or at any John Crane Seal Rebuilding Center, with genuine John Crane factory-specified replacement parts. This unique feature minimizes replacement costs and production downtime.

37FS & 37FSB seals can handle up to 1/8″ shaft misalignment. Fewer parts and simple design allow for easy installation. Seal can be readily mounted on worn shafts and on out-of-square stuffing boxes. No modification of equipment is needed.

75FS Dry-Running Split Mixer Seal

The Type 75FS dry or wet running fully split seal is designed specifically to eliminate process contamination and significantly reduce maintenance on larger types of equipment that previously could not accommodate mechanical shaft seals. Its heavy duty design handles shaft movement/displacement and runs cool and quiet, allowing for a cleaner and safer working environment.

This unique fully split seal is available in sizes from 2 1/2″ to 7″, the most common industry sizes, and can be designed for larger sizes.

This full contact dry-running seal requires no external lubrication system, reducing hazards from buffer fluid contamination and eliminating contaminated fluid disposal problems. The carbon seal can also run wet with a change in carbon grades.

73 Inflatable Backup to accompany split seal

Type 73 is an inflatable backup seal that is used primarily to hold stock or process fluids, without leakage, while repairs are made to primary seal, bearings and other equipment components during upset conditions or scheduled maintenance.

With this seal, there is no need to drain the tank or system. It is a low investment barrier seal for batch protection, saving days of potential lost production and product. In marine services, surface and submarine, it also is used to assure vessel integrity when making repairs at sea under pressurized conditions.



Type 5600

Since the 5600 Series’ components are interchangeable, you can apply one seal family throughout your plant. This gives you the flexibility to cover more applications with less inventory, which means your maintenance is simplified, downtime is reduced, plant operating efficiency is increased, and costs are lowered.

Available in O-Ring, Elastomer Bellows or Metal Bellows configurations. The modularity of these seals does not limit their capabilities. In fact, the seal family introduces a number of high-end design features that make the Universal Cartridge the most powerful seal of its kind.

Double or Single seals are available with dry running capability and liquid quench arrangements.

Type 4600

The Type 4600 cartridge seal, available off-the-shelf the world over, brings a new era of affordability to fluid sealing with assured dependability. Includes the non-clogging wave spring design.

The Type 4600 meets key industry pump standards, and is designed to permit use in rotating shaft equipment where ANSI/DIN/API design seals will not fit in water-based pumps, close coupled pumps, vertical water pumps, and similar rotating shaft equipment.

Type EZ-1

With over 25,000 field installations, the performance-proven EZ-1 general-purpose cartridge seal is ideal for a broad range of sealing applications. This standard off-the-shelf bellows cartridge seal provides all the superior performance benefits inherent in Sealol bellows seals.

Unlike other designs, bellows technology eliminates dynamic O-ring hang-up caused by process contamination, thermal gradients, or material deficiencies. Consequently, the bellows design enhances seal reliability.


Type 670

The Type 670 is an all Alloy C-276 rotating bellows seal, providing high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is extremely durable in applications where temperature and media (fluid) result in an aggressive environment. The Type 670 has been tested per API-682 Type B seals for low-temperature refinery services. Other common applications include acids, caustics, amines, and products with H2S, such as sour water and sour hydrocarbons. The Type 670 can be designed as a dual seal using a non-pressurized buffer or pressurized barrier fluid. A pumping ring recirculates barrier fluid, assuring cooler operating temperatures and extended reliable performance.

Type 676

The Type 675 and 676 provide the same performance benefits as the Type 670, but use different materials of construction. The Type 675, with a Titanium bellows, is ideal for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ferric chloride services. The Type 676, with an AM350 stainless steel bellows, is well-suited for mild corrosive and abrasive applications, such as miscellaneous water and paper stock.

Type 680

The Type 680 is the ideal seal for general-purpose applications. Its Alloy-20 bellows provide corrosion resistance in a broad range of services. Its cost-effective design, combined with a reliable performance history, has made the Type 680 a standard for low-temperature applications found in the chemical, water and wastewater, pulp and paper, and utility industries.

Type 604

The Type 604 is the leading seal of choice for demanding, high-temperature applications. Available in either AM350 or Alloy 718, its high-strength design provides maximum reliability. The stationary bellows design accommodates high shaft-to-seal-chamber misalignment. Unlike rotating seals that must flex on every revolution to accommodate shaft-to-seal-chamber misalignment, the stationary 604 adapts to this condition by flexing only once during installation. This reduces seal movement, resulting in increased seal life.

Type 609

The Type 609 incorporates all of the rugged features of the Type 604, but is intended for those demanding applications where a dependable, high-strength, rotating seal is preferred. A narrow cross-section design enables the Type 609 to fit in the most popular pumps without expensive and time-consuming seal chamber modifications. This makes it the ideal seal for heat transfer, hydrocarbon, and other applications that commonly use pumps with limited seal chamber clearances.



2800 Double Cartridge Pump Seal

Patented John Crane spiral grooves are machined into the mating ring faces. A pressurized suitable inert gas is injected between the seals. As the shaft rotates, gas flows into the tip of the spiral groove and is compressed at the sealing dam, the ungrooved portion of the mating ring. At the sealing dam, gas is expanded. The resultant film pressure gives an opening force greater than the closing force, thus separating the faces. The Type 2800 spiral groove continues to operate, even if barrier gas pressure is momentarily lost, maintaining the gas film between the barrier gas and the process.

Type 2800 Series Seals Give You Proven Performance

John Crane proprietary computer programs assure optimal design of critical components for peak performance, and accurately predict that performance. The prediction is based on analysis of the combined effects of pressure, temperature, fluid sealed and friction.

28LD Dry-Running Seal

Dry-running gas sealing for mixers, agitators, reactors, industrial blowers, and fans. This patented technology can also be applied to the primary seal on pumps incorporating repellors. Technology that revolutionized sealing for large compressors comes to low pressure applications in a wide range of industrial equipment.

Type 28LD Seals can be used in single, double or tandem cartridge arrangements. Multiple seals with inert buffers can be applied to toxic gas installations.

83 Separation Seal

The Type 83 is a contacting carbon bushing designed to isolate the bearing oil from the dry gas seal cartridge.

Normally supplied as a complete seal cartridge, unique inner and outer segments are specifically designed to prevent oil migration and minimize wear.

Nitrogen is normally injected between the two segmented bushings effectively creating a pressure barrier between the bearing and DGS cavity.

Advanced materials and design ensure minimal wear and promote long life. Unlike many contacting separation seals the Type 83 is designed to operate on cryogenically dry nitrogen.



Type 32 O-Ring Mixer Seal

Type 32 Seals are outside-mounted ID balanced seals with the seal faces in contact during operation. No auxiliary equipment is required for lubrication. These seals are excellent for operation in vacuum conditions, and meet the needs of pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. For use in mixers, agitators and reactor vessels.

Seal design eliminates the need for double seals with ancillary equipment in mixer applications.

Type 32 Seals can be repaired in the field to minimize replacement costs, downtime and lost revenue.

Type 32GL Mixer Seal for Glass Lined Vessels

Exclusive John Crane mixer seal in single and double arrangements ends metal-to-glass contact for mixers and other equipment with glass-lined shafts.

For top-entering mixers, agitators and reactor vessels with glass-lined shafts.

Damage to shafts and contamination of product is eliminated; maintenance is reduced dramatically.

Inside mounted, hydraulically balanced seals are dry-running with seal faces in full contact during operation. Thin cross-section permits use in smaller spaces.

Special composite material provides exclusive plastic-to-glass contact that is easy to clean and non-corrosive. This chemically inert material is especially important for foods, pharmaceuticals and other .pure. products.

Full contacting, dry-running capability is possible due to the heat-dissipating design and self-lubricating faces developed by John Crane. This capability eliminates batch .risk taking. by removing potential for product contamination.

Type 7700 Wet & Dry Running Mixer Seal

The heavy-duty Type 7700 is design-specific to serve critically important vessels in batch or continuous processes. It guards the batch from contamination, greatly reduces leakage, and extends Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance (MTBPM).

– For performance and durability, this dry-running or wet-running double opposed cartridge seal is in a class by itself.

– For heavy-duty mixer, agitator, and reactor applications.

Type 7800 Modular Cartridge Vessel Seal

The heavy-duty Type 7700 is design-specific to serve critically important vessels in batch or continuous processes. It guards the batch from contamination, greatly reduces leakage, and extends Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance (MTBPM).

– For performance and durability, this dry-running or wet-running double opposed cartridge seal is in a class by itself.

– For heavy-duty mixer, agitator, and reactor applications.



5870 Flushless Cartridge Seal

The Type 5870 Flushless Seal is designed to operate unsupported in all paper stock consistencies and light slurry applications in Goulds Pumps’ TaperBore PLUS with Vane Particle Ejector (VPE) seal chambers. John Crane’s Type 5870 open-profile, abrasive-resistant sealing faces positioned near the impeller, allows cool running and clog-free performance.

5860 Heavy Duty Slurry Seal

The Type 5860 heavy duty cartridge slurry seal is available as a single or double seal. It is designed to thrive in the harshest abrasive slurry environments. Process fluids such as ores, limestone, phosphates, kaolin clay, drilling mud,

lime mud, coarse coal, boiler fly ash, rock salt, sludge, sand and gravel are no problem for the Type 5860.

John Crane Type 5860 Slurry Seals are rugged in construction, designed specifically for use in heavy

duty slurry pumps, mixers and other rotating equipment throughout slurry processing industries:

SB1 Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal

Safeseal SB1 is a single cartridge seal for use with clean fluids and lubricants: e.g. water, oil, solvents, and pulp (consistency = 2 %). Generally is is used in pulps in the Pulp & Paper industry, as well as in power plants. The SB1 cartridge seal fits in various pumps as well as in other processing equipment.

The SB1 seal is versatile, and easy to install and maintain. Although the design of the seal is simple, it contains advanced technical features like patented seal face holders and an elastic thrust ring.

SB2 Heavy Duty Dual Cartridge Seal

Safeseal SB2 is a dual cartridge seal. Its double-balanced design ensures the reliability and longevity of the seal in the most demanding conditions. The SB2 seal is ideal for use with environmentally hazardous and abrasive fluids, most often used in pumps in pulp mill area for cooking, evaporation, and causticising. The SB2 seal is also compatible with other kinds of pumps and process equipment, including agitators.



Type 8-1 & 8-1T

Type 8-1 & 8-1T seals are available in a wide variety of elastomers for handling practically every industrial fluid. All components are held together by a snap ring in a unitized construction design.

Typical Applications include various chemicals, crystallizing fluids, caustics, lubricating liquid, acids, hydrocarbons, aqueous solutions and solvents.

Type 8B1 & 8B1T

The Type 8B1T is available in a wide variety of elastomers for handling practically every industrial fluid. All components are held together by a snap ring in a unitized construction design.

The balanced design , including anti-extrusion ring, permits use in higher pressures. The compact design permits use in all types of rotating equipment–centrifugal pumps, mixers and agitators

Type 48 Family

Type 48 Seals evolved from the successful, proven John Crane Type 8B1 design, the preferred choice for safe, reliable, unpressurized tandem and pressurized dual seal arrangements in petroleum services for more than four decades. The Type 48 is a dependable, engineered mechanical seal developed specifically for single seal installations to attain M.A.C.T. (Maximum Achievable Controllable Technology) compliance in light hydro-carbons and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Type 48 Single Seals control emissions to less than 500 ppm. Available in cartridge or optional shaft-mounted seal arrangement.

– Industrial applications involved in the processing of VOCs and similar hazardous materials.

– Lubrication liquids, aqueous solutions, chemicals, light hydrocarbons, and water services.



The Type MLS-1 is a cartridge seal designed for rotary positive displacement pumps handling high-viscosity fluids. The triple Chemlon seal design is an effective alternative to packing or single mechanical seals.

The design allows the sealing elements to run dry and function leak-free at low RPM with recurring startups.

The self-lubricating sealing elements are manufactured from Chemlon 7559, and are incorporated in a sealing system that consists of three independent, sequential sealing chambers.

The cartridge design includes a hard-coated shaft sleeve, 316 Stainless Steel gland with flush ports, and locating clips, which are released after setting the shaft sleeve to the shaft.



Lemco Systems

Lemco is the complete source for mechanical seal support systems that create ideal seal environments to maximize seal performance extend MTBF and improve emissions control.

All systems are built to industry standards such as ANSI B31.3, API 610 & API 682.

Products vary from seal reservoirs, abrasive separators, heat exchangers, leakage detection as well as API gas control panels & reservoirs.


Adjusting the seal water flow and pressure with Safeunit will create the best possible operating environment for seals and maximise the runnability of the process.

Safeunit seal water system dramatically reduces water consumption by up to 80%. This means a considerable drop in waste water load.

– Controls and monitors seal water flow and pressure

– Predicts seal and packing failures

– Reduces and pre-determines maximum seal water consumption

– Detects and locates seal water line problems

– Unique non-clog valves



John Crane Packings are designed, engineered and constructed for specific services and applications. This is your assurance that John Crane Packings will provide the best sealing with the least amount of maintenance and adjustment.

All John Crane mechancial packings are made of asbestos free materials. These asbestos free packings can be substituted without any difficulty for asbestos packings in present use.

Services include general service, abrasive, chemical, food grade & high temperature.

Packing is available in various lenghths, diameters and materials that include PTFE, graphite, polyimide, aramid and others.

Packing cutters, installation & tool kits are also available.

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